Mini Newlook Beauty Haul


Happy Easter every one!

I was recently out shopping for an outfit to wear out when I entered Newlook and noticed that they have added a huge beauty line instore. I couldn’t help have a little look at the stands and I have to say that Newlook have done really well with these new products!

This is the first time I have ever tried any of Newlooks beauty range but it was on 3 for 2 so I decided to pick some things up. It was really hard to choose just three items because there was so much there that I wanted to buy.

Of course me being me went for lip products (not that I don’t already have plenty) I picked up two lipsticks and a lip scrub.

The first lipstick I bought was one of the matte lipsticks in the shade Orchid – £3.99 There are 9 different shades in the matte collection but this one stood out by far for me. I would describe this as a deep Pink/Plum my perfect spring/summer shade, I can imagine me wearing this on holiday I think it will look beautiful with minimal bronze make up and a tan!

The second lipstick I bought was one of the moisture lipsticks in the shade Spice- £3.99. This is quite a daring lipstick for me as it is a beautiful orange shade. This is the first orange lipstick in my collection but I do really love wearing bright lips, I will be going to a festival May bank holiday and I thought this is the perfect festival lip shade paired with a copper dramatic eye and some glitter.


Lastly I picked up a sugar lip scrub-£3.99. I have never tried a lipscrub before but my lips have been so dry lately and I burnt them using the sunbeds so this was the perfect product for me to test out. I have to say this is lovely, it takes all the dry skin off your lips and it smells and tastes like vanilla, definitely worth picking up if you are in store and I basically got this for free so it’s a winner for me!

Everything in the Newlook beauty range is so affordable and the colours are beautiful and quite long lasting for the price. If you haven’t tried this range yet then what are you waiting for?

If you have tried anything and you think it’s worth me purchasing from Newlook please comment below!





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